Words About Words!

I love words! With the right words you have the ability to motivate, to be persuasive, or make someone laugh! Words are powerful tools. Words are how we get to know someone. Words tell others what we are thinking and feeling - what our opinion is (whether they like it or not..HA)! Words express to the world who we are - what is going on inside our head! If you care enough to learn different words and add them to your vocabulary, your writing and your speech can become more electric! Interesting, different words add pizzazz - just like adding different spices to cooking! (The word pizzazz itself happens to be a very electric word)! There is no greater thrill when you are writing, and you find just the PERFECT word to convey your message. It's like discovering a treasure!
zarlene zarlene
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I like it!

This is very gripping. There's a word for you. Gripping. What do you think of that word, Zarlene?