I See Words That Aren't There

When I'm looking at a TV screen or a computer screen I will sometimes see on the screen a word related to what I'm thinking of.  It's just for a split second.  My eyes go back to look for it but it's not there.  I feel very weird when this happens.  I've always been an avid reader, so I just assume it has something to do with that...
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I frequently appear to add a negative to a sentence. An example:
'He said he will go to the meeting'
I will read as
'He said he will not go to the meeting'
It only becomes apparent when I read further into the piece. It is confusing and a little annoying. Any similar sufferers?

It's always something that's in the background of my thoughts that comes through. I take something in, relate it to my background thoughts and sometimes they're so strong they overlay what I'm actually interpreting. Always quick, I notice my subconscious energetically reacting and interpreting the worst, instead of seeing things for what they are.

For me, it's always a word that describes myself - I'm very self-conscious. Almost always negative. Changes depending on my mood, and what I've been primed with in the previous day, week, months, years.

Possible readings: Priming. Psycholinguistics and lexicons. Forms of memory. The subconscious psyche by Jung. Semantics. Psychological complexes.

This happens to me as well. As an example I was scrolling through the guide on the on the television and there was a show about dogs and training them. Somehow I saw Scooby Doo training....weird. But that is just on of the many times. It happens more than i'd like and it makes reading comprehension a bit tiresome. Sometimes I have to re-read a section a few times to eliminate the additional words. Funny thing though, every added/substituted word makes sense or is associated with the context of what I am reading.....Very strange right?

Same here! For example I was reading something and saw them like this<br />
<br />
'Likely' correct word was 'Lately'<br />
'Parents' correct word was 'Post'<br />
<br />
I saw the words 'Sweet girl' and they weren't in the article at all! Is there a way to stop this? I noticed my spelling is even starting to get off.

Neat Brain.

I went on some one's facebook page, i saw their status as single and although this may sound mean, i also read the word "loser" which wasn't even there and i don't even know the person? I'd like to know how to stop this and what is causing it as this wasn't the first time iv'e 'read' words that weren't there..

Last week I opened the pantry for a snack and I swear I saw the word "cancer" on a bag of chips for just a second.

Ever heard of the I Ching? Sounds like these two experiences have a thing or two in common with the ancient art of seeing what is for what it could be...

i have similar experiences! i tend to scan things rather than read them out. sometimes in a grouping of words, i will see a word that may sum up something that would be my normal reaction to the group of words. often it is a sarcastic word. for instance, i might see a blurb on a political campaign and see the word idiocy in there somewhere.<br />
then i have a private joke to laugh about. <br />
<br />
i also more and more misread words and see words that arent there. <br />
similarly i will hum tunes that, when i think about it, describe an experience i just had. for instance the adam's family song. i may find myself humming that inadvertently after talking to someone that put me off in some way. <br />
i think its a cognitive thing, but sometimes its a subconscious thing too. i love experiencing my subconscious.