They Feed My Mind...

I love words. They are beautiful. I love stringing words together and the way they just look perfect right next to one another, making beautiful sentences. I think the way languages work is amazing. 

 It just stuns me! I think the way we talk, the way our mouths move with such precision, speaking these perfect words, is an incredible thing. I love seeing words written down, too. I love books and song lyrics and poems. They say so much.

Words can do anything. They can be used to express one’s self. They can be used to entertain, to create a story or an imaginary world. They can be used to love, to hurt, to engage. It’s amazing how well words look and sound next to each other. They flow so well. I especially love writing. I love using words to express myself or to create an imaginary world. I love looking for the perfect word to use in a piece of writing, as to express myself perfectly, or even just to find that one word that fits perfectly, making the sentence flow.

Words are just so beautiful.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2011

you say so well what i would have if i could have.