Position Vacant

Don't want to be a friend with benefits.
Don't want a father for my child.
Don't need a man to provide.
Don't need you to be my life.
Not too concerned about being your wife.
Now a partner, that, I can entertain.
I want depth, I want devotion.
I want passion, up against the wall passion.
I want emotional shelter from the rain.
I want you there to hold my hand
and walk beside me along this path.
I promise to respond in kind
It's more important that we laugh
and talk and dance and share our sorrow
and find silence in a room together
Then for you to lead and me to follow.

reusha reusha
36-40, F
6 Responses Feb 3, 2012

Amazing how no matter the age of the women, her wants and desires are the same. A partner. Are there really no men available who can fill this role or who want to? May you find what you seek, but if my opinion is of any value, beware you don't miss him because you can't see past the dream to the reality.

are you applying to fill that position>as if so you are hired. But I fear I would still be single, for the same reason so many people are. Plus you would be a tough interviewer! Thanks though. Miss you. Miss tequila. Miss you drinking tequila. Actually, dont miss me drinking tequila. I dont think people around me could handle it these days ; )

thanks guys. feeling it especially today.

Very well said ... exactly how I feel myself.

Well spoken

This pretty much singled in on everything I feel too.Nicely done!