Words! I am hungry for them, I am in love with them, I cherish them, I use them, I need them, I want them, I dream of them, really I do! Words run through my blood!
Without them~ I am lost, I cannot sing or write, I cannot speak of love or magic or tell you who I am or what I need. Without my words, I am simply a body, a face, a fleshy thing moving around on the planet. Without your words, you cannot tell me who you are, what you feel, who you love or what makes you cry. Without our words, we will remain strangers.
This is not to say that the smiles of strangers are not pleasant, they are, especially the kinds of smiles where eyes are involved, but, smiles accented by just one or two kind words are a juicy and bright remedy for verbal isolation to a sad and lonely soul!
Sometimes, as I am probing for my next word or phrase here, I will look up and watch the morning birds that are perched in this monstrous pine tree just outside of my window. They don’t care about me; they are busy this morning, their precious lives are unfolding within the prickly shelter of that cranky old tree, just a few feet from my moving fingers. They are hungrily spying the seed that I left on the ledge before dawn. They are calculating if they can fly to the ledge faster than their buddy on the next branch. This isn’t such an important fact, but, without words, you would have never met my morning birds, you would never know that they are nervously industrious, or that their tiny eyes are black mirrors, shiny and lively. You may not care about my little feathered friends, but, I care about telling you about them, it makes me feel closer to you. Words are the tools of intimacy and compassion.
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Yes, I am high up on this old hill dear! It is still dark, but Salem the cat sits at the window and meows until I put out the bird seed, he baits them every morning, then watches until time for his lunch! Thank you for visiting~bright blessings to you.

I am the same, I listen to audio books instead of the car radio. However, I can fully relate to the tears and certain types of music evoking them~it IS hard to find words for what you describe.

I think I was thinking of music that brought tears to my eyes recently. I am not a musical person and far prefer books than music. But every so often music seems to touch me somewhere in a way that can be painful and sweet at the same time .. or something .. dont have the words to explain :)

I agree .. but ..<br />
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Would have agreed with no buts a while ago but now think that I am just as moved by communication other than words

You have a valid point Tas, but, this won't work in writing. ;=) ~but face to face "energy" can be an interesting form of communiation to be sure~and there is that old saying about deeds speaking more clearly than mere words...Good point! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Blessings friend~

I just thought of another thing Tas, I have worked with clients that due to traumatic brain injuries could not communicate by any method other than eye contact, or blinking. I did have some very meaningful wordless conversations with this man.

Wonderful story! wonderful words!! have a blessed day!

Thanks MorningBreeze, you sound happy today! Thanks for dropping by, blessings and care.