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I have noticed how lazy my vocabulary has become. It is evident in my answers to questions, personal messages, etc. I would grimace to know how many times I have used the word " nice!" Its odd....because I LOVE words. Many years ago, at least ten, in noticing my lackluster vocab, I decided to engage my Mom and Sister in a little game. I made a word list for every letter in the alphabet. Easy words, words we already knew, words we could use instead of the old wornout standbys. I gave a copy to Mom, and one to Sis. Then, next month, my Sister chose the words. It was a hit with all three of us. When cleaning out a desk I don't use anymore, I found one of the word sheets I had prepared many years ago. I'll share them with you, they are not profound in any way. I'll spare you the pronunciation, as well as the origin. To keep you from losing interest ( if you haven't already! ) I'll only do half of the alphabet. Here they are :

ACCRUE... I have noticed that I am not accruing the tokens like I used to.

BEHOOVE... It would behoove trolls and pervs not to contact me, because I will block your sorry a$$es.

CORNUCOPIA... There is a cornucopia of decent folks on EP , thank God.

DOCKET... When I wake up, checking up on EP is always on the docket.

EXHILARATING... It is downright exhilarating to wake up to a lighted board of gestures, mail, and comments.

FACSIMILE... On EP , I am my real self, not a facsimile in any way.

GAUCHE... I find the distasteful avitars to be , well.......gauche.

HARROWING... Being stalked on EP isn't pleasant, in fact, it's harrowing.

IMPECCABLE... Oneluckydude has a flawless avi, it's impeccable even.

JAUNTY... Weekender's pink hair bow , I'm sure, looks downright jaunty.

KOWTOW... Do not kowtow just to win a best answer.

LANGUID... I stay too long on EP many nights, and go to bed languid.

MACABRE... Those vampire freaks on here are too macabre for me.

See, I told you they were simple words....and as a former teacher, if I find you whipping one out, I'll give you a star or happy face sticker.
WORD! Words color my world...oxo, kathie
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What a fantabulous story! Absolutely supercalafragalisticexpialidocious ! I am thoroughly gobsmacked by the concept of using language other than my typical pedestrian cant. LOL!!! HUGS!!!

Gobsmacked....that's good! I've gotten lazy....I don't hand with good users these days! Only on EP! Thanks, Rolle!

Hahaha.....so damed funny! HUZZAH! BRAVO! You're .....good! That was a hoot, I have that exhilaration thing going! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Accrue of pirates behooved the good ship Cornucopia with their horses as they tried to docket. Exhilarating down the gangplank at a rapid pace, the Captain faxed silly me and said "Oh gauche, mister, I'm really sorry about the mess, but my mates were high on harrowing and I'm also sorry about the damage to the chickens as they are now impeccable." First mate John T also tried to explain away the damage to the cattle and suggested we call Triple A for a kowtow but the driver didn't speak our languid so we had to call them macabre. Which seemed a bit unfare. Moral of the story?....Never loan your boat to pirates.

My hooves be tired.

I bet that garden of yours is exquisite .... And a riotous display of color. Hi Lilters!

I am just fighting the weeds! Put down 40 bags of mulch and still need more. My hooves be hurtin'.

Ouch! Don't you gave a garden shop that sells different mulches by the yard.....I'm coming....driving the pickup!
North, or bust!

Bah, I have not bought mulch in a long time. I usually ACCRUE the free stuff from tree cutters. But no one has been taking out any trees lately.

.... And here it is a year later and I bet you worked in your garden all day like I did, Lilt.

All day. All week.
I'm turning 50 in a few days and have noticed something. I don't bounce back like I use to, after a day of marathon gardening.

Oh my aching body.... You too? Hell Gal, I feel so damned old. It makes me wonder what I'll be able to do in this yard in 5 years.... * heads for a soak in the tub *

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I have to laugh with you....and agree with you on this, for I too, used to be much better about these things and more, like................spelling! When did I forget how? <br />
I DID however, see that you liked my jaunty little hair bow so I will have to leave it in for a while! To Destry......I also just used the word "nice". The best part...I used it this morning....in a PM to Kathie! He he! Sorry pal! :)

Oh come on,Pal...we can still use ' nice' , BUT let's not let it be every 5th word we speak! And regarding spelling...waaaay back....I could spell every word I wanted to use. I think we forget how to spell, because we don't write ENOUGH! Note to self: NICE TRY,DULLARD!

Your list of words is very..."nice". Seriously though, I do enjoy using (or hearing) a variety of words - the more esoteric, the better. In your list, I find the word "jaunty" particularly whimsical. "The weather is so beautiful today, that I think I'll take the convertible and wear my driving cap at a jaunty angle."

Ohhhhh......esoteric .....there's a GREAT word....What does it mean? LMflatAO ....just kidding...being jaunty.

*laughing* sciguy! You commented on this story a year ago, and now we are circle friends.... How.....
exhilarating !!!

A coincidence? I think not.

You slacker....' nice' outta your mouth? Tho no poet, I think I'll copy you, and jot down words I like. Thanks pal! :-)