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Words With Me

The largest number of stories I've posted on EP deal with the individual words I love and with quotes I carry in my mind and heart. I began collecting quotes at about age 30, and I have several hundred that I've committed to memory.  Most are attributed; some are contested or anonymous, but they all resonate with me.  That's why I can remember them: they offer me comfort and meaning, and make me look at the world in new ways.

There are a couple of quotes I hold dear that are from the Qur'an, which I've read  more than once, in English translation.  I'm not Muslim by faith, and it isn't the tradition in which I was raised.   I advocate no particular organized religion here.  All of the world's major religions offer a message of peace, love, justice, and mercy, certainly Islam prominent among them.  The sacred texts of each of the word's major faiths are inspiring.  I had hoped to one day have enough command of Arabic to read the Qur'an the way the faithful are encouraged to pray, but I honestly don't know if I will ever get there.  I've barely scratched the surface of Arabic, Japanese, and Greek.  If only I had four lifetimes...

So here they are, my words today.  They've remained private for about 15 years.  I don't quote any sacred texts openly or in public.  It isn't really allowed in the modern workplace, and, again, I'm not here to convert anyone to any particular faith.  So, within me they remain, but they keep coming to the surface.  I think these words.  My mouth forms to speak them.  No sound emerges.  Today, I write and post them.

" Happy shall be the man who keeps himself pure, who remembers the name of the Lord, and prays."  (The Most High)

"A messenger of their own was sent to them, but they denied him.  Therefore, the scourge smote them in their sins."  (The Bee)

The parenthetical references are to the suras, or chapters, in which these statements appear. 

WildeOscar WildeOscar 51-55, M 5 Responses Aug 23, 2012

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Enjoyed this very much, but it is in reading your responses back to those that have commented on your stories that I see you more...

Words, few or many, big or little, are what we have here. They are most telling.

I also have a great fondness for words. I especially love quotes that carry meaning and depth. These two are okay if you have an attachment to religion. But I couldn't imagine a devote atheist indentifying with them, the last one especially.

I describe myself as an agnostic existentialist who attends worship services regularly because he likes to sing with a crowd of people, united in the rythm of their breathing. I'm definitely not a solid believer. You're right, a confirmed atheist would probably not connect with the passages from sacred texts that inspire me. We might enjoy singing "Amazing Grace" together or admiring the beauty and elegance of some of the words though.

Homer Simpson, a cultural icon if ever there was one, once referred to God as his "favorite fictional character." I couldn't help but laugh.

I am also an agnostic; I occasionally get in touch with my spirtual side and I never stop questioning the existence of God (or non-existence of God) so I can connect to the quotes in a way. I know a lot of atheists that have a problem with the word "sin", so the last quote would definitely not appeal to them. As for Homer Simpson, he could be right......but then he could not be right! While alive, I don't think anyone can truly establish a definitive answer.

You are a classic. You have this one kind of versatility putting your deep thoughts to words. As Sierra said. . . thanks for sharing your favorites, and sharing this part of you.

Thank you. I always benefit from your sharing and the deep thoughts you express. You inspired me to write one of my favorite stories not all that long ago. ;-)

The Arabic texts would interest me. And both the North American Indian spirituality beliefs as well as the other Indian ones. We do not have to follow a religion, but read their ideas to gain the beauty of the words, WildeOscar. The photos are lovely. Where are they from? What do they represent? Thank you for this. I, too, love the power and beauty of words....

The pictures have no special connection to these two verses. They are repeating forms of a style and overall impression that comments on nature without representing it. I find that one or two well-chosen pictures add mood to words. I probably spend as much time searching for just the right pictures as I do to form the words of a story here. These conveyed the mood and feeling at the moment I posted the words.

Hmmn. . . Yummy!!

I think the photos suit the text admirably. Everything WildeOscar does is creative and with class. I love learned men....

While I own no particular belief system, I do love some of the words and thoughts behind them...Thanks for sharing some of your favorites....

I discern glimpses of a belief system in your stories and comments. It may not be organized and written down in some fixed way, but you definitely have strong elements of those four pillars of peace, love, justice, and mercy in your heart. You probably do better than most at demonstrating it in your actions. Thank you for looking, thinking, and commenting. A always enjoy seeing you here.

Aww thanks. I had a Christian friend in here, just the other day pay me the nicest compliment when she said I was the most Christian-like heathen she ever met.....She wasn't insulting me when she said "heathen" I had called myself that earlier in our conversation so she was just goofing by saying it back but it was a nice thing to hear. Just like this is..... It's cool when folks pick up on stuff like that...

I guess that some of your stories could peg you as "heathen." but you should take that as a badge of honor, like "realist." You have a kind spirit, so it doesn't matter whether you have an affinity for Aphrodite, Sarah, Christ, Vishnu. Buddha, or Allah. You're you. Dr Seuss would approve; I do; and you should too. I can't imagine anyone I would rather meet but you.

Awwwww thanks WO......I'd like to meet you too......If Dr. Seuss approves...all is good!! :)

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