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The Power Of The Pencil

You know, words are everything aren't they?
When you break all the other stuff down, words are really the only true form of magic that we have, don't you think?
Think about it, a properly worded phrase can change the course of human history forever in a positive, while a thoughtless and cruelly uttered word can spell disaster that outlasts the generations who made it reality.
A genuine word spoken in either honesty or love can lift someone out of the depths of despair and depression. By the same token though, an honestly spoken word can also drive that same someone over the edge even if that was not the intention.
Words can free a young man's mind to express what he can't seem to make vocal. Maybe that man is feeling totally alone and lost on a given day, but then he begins writing words and, for a little while at least, he's not so deserted and hopelessly by himself.
And you know what else? Words make writers out of even the most simple of humans, and poets out of souls who just want to use a journal to cry.
I once thought I was a writer, but somewhere along the way, I lost that feeling and desire to make words say something real. It took something tragic and earthshaking to remind me of why I loved writing to begin with...
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M Oct 26, 2012

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