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Words With Friends...

I love words....words are just my 'thing'...I was reading the newspaper before I even started mom went back to college when I was very young, and she used to have me help her with her homework....(well, the spelling part, anyway...I wasn't a genius!!)

Now, I love to play Scrabble...and recently, with the phone apps, I also play Words With Friends....I have a few of my friends on there, who will play against me, including my husband....but most of my friends and family won't even play against me....I have to ask the 'random' strangers to play....

I'm not suggesting that I am 'the best' or 'unbeatable' no means do I think that....but the typical end score of my games has me ahead by about 200 points, on average....
Anyone who plays the game knows that it's not just the letters you get, it's the strategy, and placement of the words....I will find the best possible position to lay my words...

My husband will play against me, but he much so that I have begun to think I should stop playing the way I usually do....perhaps I should just throw down any old word, in any old position on the board....

What do you think?

At any rate, it's supposed to be all in fun, right? If he can't take a good old-fashioned ***-whooping, then he shouldn't play with the big kids!!

(I know, this is a silly little story...I was just feeling like putting words down!!)
NotHisBabydoll NotHisBabydoll 46-50, F 2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

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NEVER......just throw down any old word, in any old position..... For ANYONE...... *grins*

I he just doesn't play with me :(

wimp... ;P

did you say "Scrabble?" Oo BRING IT ON BABYDOLL!!!!!!