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Moment In Time

This is a moment in time.
Where everything is confused. You can feel the anger, the sadness, the disullionment with a GOD who hasn't done what seems fair. This is the moment in time that you can feel like a sharp sword in the raw and cold and brutal silence of the car.
In this moment in time, someone decides to blame instead of looking to, leaning on. In this moment in time, the single most resounding wish is for tools, tools to fight a fire, to build a house, to build a life. With these tools, something magical and memorable will be made. In this moment in time, this is the one wish,
and for now elusive
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

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Very nice...


Inspirational and touching. You have captured the breath of a small miracle born from the human convition for achieving happiness. Completition.

wow thank you so much; that truly means a lot to me:)

Well, you are a natural. It is clear that words are just attracted to you to be ordered and mixed with your spirit. That, in my opinion, is what lead the path to masterpieces. Everyone can learn to read and write, but it takes a spark of genious to transform words in sentences that scrape height of divinity. The writen message is, to me, the noblest of human achievements.

It's funny you should say that, because recently I've felt somewhat of a desire to become a writer, a dream I had for a long time as a kid, but it kinda just faded for whatever reason; your words encourage me!

I'm glad! I am on the process of writing a book too! I have found some books in the library i work at; that some authors were badly judged for a lack of 'clean' writing. For not being too hard on themselves to make a better book, but their works are praised for being what they are and inspiring the human ming to explore the corners of imagination. You have a great capacity, so be sure that you can be a great author too.

You're writing a book! That's awesome; can i ask what kind of book it is?:)

Well, i am actually writing three of them. One is a bout a teenage girl who, sadly, is raped ; but she can't remember who did it and she's going through the emotional process of recovery while on vacations with her family to the house of her grandparents and she meets with a gothic boy(Tommy Sanders) who will help her in twisted and rebellion-like stages of grieve. Also she is doubting the people she trusts because her world has been shattered and she wants to find out who hurt her. It's a story about betrayal and new.found hope. Kinda dark. The other one is entitled Where's my angel?' and it's a strange love story, involving three tortured souls in Hell. Is redemption still in the reached of the damned? What happens when love is not what you expected? And, how did i make so many mistakes that now i'm in my oun personal Hell followed by the anti-christ himself?
The third one is more like a horror story full of satire. I wrot a short story called 'Talk To The Knife' that i posted her on EP, if you'd like to check it later. I tried to concentrate on a decieving delusion of happiness and love, as well as on shattered hope. Spiced up with a little insanity and mental trickery.

wow those all actually sound very interesting, and unique. I'll definately check out the story you posted!

Thanks! And plese, do not hesitate to comunicate your thoughts on it. Criticism is what i am looking for.

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