The Beauty Of Life?

I was watching this spider in the bathroom...trying to climb up to the top of a wall. Nothing was waiting up there for it. No spiderweb. Nothing. So, why climb? Even if it could manage to get up there, is was missing two legs. It couldn't built up a web of its own to catch its prey and survive. Later on, i checked back on the spider and it had fallen to the floor. And it didn't move. I wondered if maybe i should just kill it and end its suffering. What kind of life could it have managed anyways? Then the spider moved, looked around; for a safe place to hide. And i thought about what kind of death the spider would have. Hidden in some dark corner, hungry and weary. Is that the beauty of lufe? Not giving up in the face of life-treatening hardship? It's a honorable end if you think about it. Beautiful even, if not slightly fatalistic
sayonaranow sayonaranow
18-21, F
Dec 17, 2012