The Power of Words

They take forms and materialized

That we can’t managed anymore

They collapse as torrents

In people’s life

They can be obstacles

Like walls from armed cement

Not easy to get through

Accommodated between the marsches

Like quicksand

The more it moved,

The more it get bogged down.

They can make you struggle,

Breaking the heart

They can be told with sweetness,

Dictated without malice

Clear words, sweet like sugar,

That stays in the head,

Like crowns without thorns

Without bleeding the pride,

They can heat the heart

With the flame of the truth

And free the soul

From vanity and sadness.

They can be told with honesty,

Spoken from a heart,

Human words,

Words of pure magic,

Words of forgiveness,

Words of love,

Words of dream,

Anytime, anyplace

That stays in the life

A lifetime.


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5 Responses Oct 29, 2008

big ditto here!<br />
Your words flow like a gentle stream.

You are amazing!

Beautifully said ..

oh, i'm in awe...i'm speechless!!

You are so very good with words, Tender. I think there's a mutual love there. :)