I Do

My favorites include:

- Awesome

- Lovely

- Saunter

- Indubitable

- Moo

- **** (and its derivatives)

- The many delicious words z has invented 

kleisse kleisse
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11 Responses Feb 10, 2009

"lovely" is a nice word!

I like the word oggle.

Oh yeah, lurk is great. <br />
<br />
'savage' is another of my favourites.

What about "lurk"? Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love lurking.

lol it is indeed fantastic.

That's the best of them all.

See also: Saunterous Moofuckery.

Yes, it does.

saunter and the **** derivates are my favourites in that list. i also think porcelain has a good ring to it.

Oh yes indeed.

Good to know I'm a source of entertaingasment. :D