Murder In the Museum of Man

Whenever I read a book, I use a blank paper as a bookmark and write down not just words I don't know but words I know but love or would like to use more often...I filled my paper with this book. Yes, the story was good, but the vocabulary was astounding! Here's a few highlights...risible, noisome, remonstrate, spurious, vitriol, obviate (a personal favorite of mine, but hard to fit into daily use), ostensible, and lastly, anthropophagical...which I amused myself with greatly while filling out a resturaunt comment card ;-)

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I'll check those out. I've got a short list of books to look for whenever I find myself near a used book store, I'll add her to the list :-)

Try reading something by Lionel Shriver. I feel I have a decent vocabulary and I am an avid reader, but I need a dictionary to properly get through one of her novels. <br />
<br />
The Post-Birthday World is a good read, but her novel We Need to Talk About Kevin is riveting.

That's a great idea. The problem is using these words in the normal day to day. It was already said about me that I use big words and all I said was that I'm unpretentious. <br />
But when writing, like on the restaurant comment card, they can be a lot of fun.

would you mind if i stole that idea omg i'm still giggling....

anthropophagical you know that means eating human flesh right? your hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Well, looking at your writing here, I'd say you're doing quite well. Keep up the good work! :)

When I was younger I would make flash cards with words I liked and their meanings. I kept them in a file box for future reference. <br />
My dad threw it away when we moved.

lol @ 'primping ain't easy', hehe. <br />
<br />
You guys crack me up. <br />
<br />
I haven't done the same thing as you Redwirenut, but I have an old copy of one of my favorite Tom Robbins novels(Skinny Legs And All) that I have written down all of my favorite passages from, by page number, and then(GASP~~ as you won't find me writing in my books, ever, except this old copy) I put little darts and arrows for where said section is. It's great, I can just pick up the book from time to time, and peruse all of the sections that I loved.

Especially when I'm covered in paint.LOL

Very nice. Primping ain't easy ;-D

LOL. Yeah, it is kind of a trip. I work with a friend of mine. I stump her all the time. <br />
Told her once as I was walking out the door: " Be back I'm taking some preening time before my meeting." <br />
I had a teacher once that used to pick an obscure word every week from a can that we had to learn to use. That was one that stuck with me.<br />
It means to get dressed up, basically.

I think I like obscure words so that I can be a smartass sneakily. It works well with common words people use but don't really know the meaning of. <br />
"Bob, what's that new aftershave? Its sublime" Meaning it's overwhelmingly vast.

LOL. I have a sister who became angry with me for using the word mural. Accused me of showing off that I could read better than her. Silly!

Hey! Don't talk like that. What's interesting to some isn't to someone else. It doesn't make it a less interesting. Enjoy it.

Yes, that would have to take some work to keep up the challenge, but that's all part of the fun.

Sounds like a really fun hobby.