Everyday Now!!

I just started working from home 3 days ago.  I'm a nurse case manager working for an insurance company out of the Atlanta office here in my Nashville apartment. 

Currently, I'm sitting in on a boring inservice:  Everything you want to know about Plantar Fascitis (and then some).  Hmm...  nothing I care to know about that subject that I don't already know, so thought I'd pop in on my favorite site for a brief interlude.

Working from home is awesome.  I've not had problems with distractions so far.  Really enjoy the quiet environment which actually helps me stay focused.  Plus I get to drink all the Vodka and smoke all the crack I can get my hands on all day without anyone knowing...   okay... just kidding on the crack crack...  okay, j/k on the Vodka too...   gotcha.

The only pitfall I am concerned about at this point is becoming isolated.  I am a very social being and see how this could become an issue over time.  Consequently, I make it a point to get out as much as possible; eating out more (gotta remember to make the healthy choices), jazzersize 4 times a week (to counteract the restaurant calories) and looking forward to hitting the tennis courts & hiking trails when spring comes round in a few weeks.

Life is good, finally!


Oh, by the way, I am set up to work from any computer with internet access which means I can actually take my laptop to Starbucks or even the pool to work...  is that not So Cool!!!!

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24 Responses Feb 26, 2009

:-) ZOINKS! (and thanks)

ROFL - I love you Scooby...<br />
<br />
Mewold - all I have to say to your comment is CAN YOU COOK? If so, YOU'RE HIRED.

I am outraged that you think I may be a stoner and also I forgot what else I was going to say! Pass the towel please. (sneaky attempt to see lovely melons)

I'm dressed for work. I'm retired and naked.

We could start a Merry Maids for impaired house cleaners...

oh drewberry i envy you! my boyfriends mother works from home (she lets her self be isolated which is not good for her) but she is like I could take a short nap and no one would know (she waits for phone calls and sets appointments for her husbands company and does invoices). I'm afraid if I worked from home i still wouldn't get the house work done. <br />
buttttttt if I smoked crack all day and drank vodka with you i would get so much done :) :) well the cleaning anyways... lotssss of cleaning ;)

Hey dopecounselor.... I may need to call you re: my poor work habits and extra cirrucular enhancements..<br />
<br />
(really I am J/K.... this is a JOKE people who don't get humor)

Oh D10 - I don't know about Lumpy, but can only imagine... Though I do understand that feeling from my own past life...

I understand very well the need for protective covering!

indeed flourlady... thanks for the well wishes.

good for you . glad its working out for you. nashville aint bad either!

Yeah - that's all good in theory Nudie, but I'm afraid to disfigure my lovely melons in case the freebase cocaine load explodes all over me... I have practicalities to consider.<br />
<br />
~ thus you see... the towel :)

What I like about working from home is that you can be nude and free while you talk on the phone, e-mail, etc. to get everything done. Enjoy yourself!

Apparently NEITHER DO I Chamele0n... as I'm still refreshing my profile looking for new activity..<br />
<br />
~ Skanky comment ***** ~

Oh Myo - I definitely don't envy those days... though I'd happily trade blaring SPONGEBOB and ICARLEY repeats for the sweet sounds of ELMO'S WORLD anyday... <br />
I have to draw the line with MIMES on BARNEY though or the TELLETUBIES -- there's only so much a mom can take.<br />
<br />
~ kisses ~

Hmmm... let me see. A job (career, really), work at home in your jammies, quiet atmosphere which is escapable when necessary, vodka and crack, jazzercise, ... No Soup for You!<br />
<br />
*Myonis rattles her cage from the baby-gated family room with Sesame Street blaring, baby crying, no people taller than 3'*

I've heard that before... go in the office and shut the door... <br />
<br />
~ takes off sweats / on goes dockers ~

Someone suggested to me that is important to be showered and dressed at a certain time each day, as if you are going to go to work.<br />
<br />
~says the woman in her jammies~

I'm ready to get busy with the actual job frankly... it's the down time that has got me distracted... though, I could be using this time to um... let's see.. dust, scrub the potty... laundry..<BR><BR>NAH... <BR><BR>~ goes to the gesture board ~

Ah discipline...I'm not doing to well with that. This is only your third week, right? You'll find your groove.

Hey, the crack and vodka are what get me thru scoobydoo, as another obvious stoner... you of all people should know that (J/K for anyone out there that does not recognize the JOKE in that statement).<br />
<br />
I'm only my third week into the job with a fraction of my normal work load here... EP is just so addicting to access during the down timw...<br />
<br />
discipline is something I definitely have to be disciplined about.. ha ha

Just so you know, we all knew about the crack and vodka. :-)<br />
<br />
That's cool you are so disciplined though. I'd never be able to work from home I think. Too many fun things to do around here!

Thanks Ballz - I see that lack of interaction and synergy to be the big challenge of this job... that and getting off this FREAKIN' SITE...<br />
<br />
~ gotta go to work dammit ~

thanks for the well wishes madman... <br />
it's good to see you.