I Like To Workout. Correction, I Love The High I Get After My Workout

Recently I got a personal trainer. Never had one before. I am in ok shape but have a vision for myself that is in extremely good shape. I want my body to be a 10. Compared to my goal I am very far from it. I don't love to be in a gym alone because it can be intimidating being around so much equipment and not have a plan of what to do and how to do it properly, hence my personal trainer. I love when he takes me through a very challenging workout and pushes me harder than I'd ever think to go on my own. I never complain; that's not me. I just grit my teeth and give him all I got but there are times I truly think I'm not going to make it. I look forward to that feeling and pushing past it. On days that I don't get quite pushed that far I don't think my workout was totally complete. Most of all I love feeling such a high; like I can do anything at all in the world as I'm walking to my car in the gym parking lot after a solid workout!
Oohlalajustmoi Oohlalajustmoi
31-35, F
Nov 25, 2012