Mainly elementary-aged children. I admire their innocence of the world around them. I used to work at my aunt's daycare during the summer and there was this little girl who reminded me of myself when I was younger. Every year I'd see her, she runs up to me and hugs me and always told me, "I'm happy you're here again! I only remember you out of all the other helpers!" It made my day hearing that from her!

One day I hope to have children of my own. I just love being around them, they make a person's day by their smile and active imaginations.
EllaAfter EllaAfter
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I admire their innocence too. Looking at myself in the mirror, I see how twisted I have become. So many people are twisted as they grow because of this world...

I am not sure about how I feel about little kids. We don't know whether they'll become something like a doctor or a murderer. That's why I never liked children as much as you do.