A Wonderful Experance

I work for a company that provides companionship for the elderly. We also provide transportation and help cleaning around the house. I have come to love this job because it has opened up a whole new world of friendships to me. But especially the joy of being able to give to people who need some extra help and comfort.

Right now I have a client that I have worked with for a year and a half. She has Alzheimer's and he is caring for her at home. She is basically in stage 7 and we are looking at the end of this but we aren't "quite there yet". I not only sit with her to help take care of her but I also provide respite for her husband. He and I have become very good friends and we both look forward to our "smoke breaks" and share whatever is going on in our lives. They are so dear to me that it will be hard watching the end of her life. When she passes I'm worried he will follow since his entire world is devoted to taking care of her.

Despite my grief I am blessed that they have come into my life! There are so many people who need some love and attention and just a bit of extra help. I know we all will end up like this so I hope and pray there will be a kind soul who will be there for me.

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Hello - I love being with the elderly and would like to start working again having stayed at home for a few years with my children. Can you tell more about this company? What are such business called so that I can google some in my area. It was lovely to read your post. Thank you. Joanna

UGH! Yeah that isn't good at all!

Thats good. I worked on a unit with 12 people. I was just like a nurse tech. One other helper, that was not even there all the time. One RN or LPN for about 48 people. Nice huh.........

I agree I don't like those care facilitys because of the lack of care. Thats why I LOVE what I do since it's in the homes of my clients or if they are in a facility then all we do is take care of the ONE person. This way we can give all our time and care without being spred so thin!

Iworked in a care facility with alzheimers and dementia people. It was hard. I wanted to help. This place was so short staffed you did not have time to give people the care they deserve. That was the hardest part.<br />
These people pay over 50,000 a year to stay there and don't get the care they deserve. That is heart-breaking.<br />
You can learn so much from elderly people it is amazing.<br />
And they just want someone to talk to!!!