They Are All So Special - Every Songle One

I have only recently started training in a rest home.  The challenges faced by the elderly on a daily basis are very real.  Since some of their abilities have diminished, and in the process the mind slows down a bit for some. 

Learning to slow down and talk at their pace - allowing them time to register and respond to questions without rushing them is a challenge.  But when they do respond it brings a smile to my face and theirs and i know we have communicated.    Lots of eye contact is important because they read expressions and lips, some cannot see, some cannot hear, and yet others are confused and in a distant place of the mind. 

It is amazing how a simple touch on the shoulder brings them front and center.  One resident said to me with a big smile on her face (she never ever speaks) "i know you", she wrapped her arms around my neck, she made my day.  The love was mutual and felt by both i am sure, it is moments like that that make it all worth it.  

There are residents that are confused and pinch, bite, kick and hit.  But we must always keep in mind that there abusive actions - may be just a way to get our attention and not meant to be hurtful at all.  In the long run, the good days will make up for the abuse that is felt at times. 

To anyone who works with the elderly - i challenge you to think of yourself and put yourself in there shoes.  And remember to care for their needs with the skills that you have learned.  And address each and every one of them with your heart.

All the best to each and every one of you and may we all do our very best because anything less is unacceptable.





Naveah Naveah
41-45, F
1 Response May 16, 2009

Muchos gracias senorita-Bravo!