My husband got me into the game. I used to tell him that it was stupid and a waste of time, but then I played and now I am obsessed with the game. I have like 20 characters and I always play. It got so bad that I would take my laptop to work and play at work. Needless to say I did not do my job well and ended up getting in trouble for it. I have started to limit my playing because I think that I have gotten a little extreme. I do enjoy the game, I have a Level 80 mage and I am currently working on a Paladin. I really enjoy the social aspect of the game.

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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I know the feeling, trying to find the balance of WoW and life is crucial. Of course I don't have to worry about work (still a minor), or friends (they're all in WoW), but I still have to balance school work and house work, which has gotten me into trouble more than once. <br />
Like Smokeseek says balance is the ultimate answer.

I have been playing since release - only 1 level 80 (prot pally) and 4 b/t 70 and 80. It's a very addicting game. Pre-BC I used to play all the time at work, until my company was bought and I can no longer get away with it. Unfortunately I can not get my wife to play. Learning to balance WOW and Real Life is the ultimate answer.