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I Think The Transports Were Amazing.

I wonder what everyone thinks about the Transports from WWII?
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there is also a video of a b17 at an Airshow At deauxbury in the UK on face book under the name Leanne Edna Anderson.

c-47 or Dc-3 as they were later called were the work horse of the army and even the navy used them .they flew over the hump as they called it in india and china. there are a few still flying here and other parts of the world. did you get a chance to look them up on you-tube?

if you will go to face book and look under leanne anderson there is a video of a vintage ww-2 c47 starting up and takeing off from a grass ***** in texas

Transports? I reckon I'm partial to the C-47 (shown) but C-46 Commando's a great plane (they used to have one at an airfield in Oxnard CA near me - might've been a branch of Confederate Air Force, if I recall correctly). Other than those two and the Ju-52 I'm not too familiar with mass-produced transpo's of WW2 and even less-so with the less-produced. More of a fighter and bomber fan. Uncle flew P-51D's over europe in the last year of the war so that'd have to be my sentimental favorite.