World War Two Aircraft.

I love the famous planes of World War Two.From the C-47 Dakota to the P-61 Black Widow all are gorgeous.And the wierd models even like the P-55 Asender.

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P-38 Lightening, F4U Corsair, P-51 Mustang<br />
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A professor of mine flew 40.5 B-26 Bomber missions over occupied France in WWII. He saw his friends blown out of the sky on each mission. This guy had BALLS!<br />
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Also, WWII planes were actually aerodynamic, unlike the modern planes of today, which have to be computer guided or they couldn't be flown by a human.<br />
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I think the days of the fighter pilot are rapidly coming to a close. As I write this more and more unmanned drowns are targeting and bombing sites in Afghanistan--and it's working.<br />
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Cheaper and less visible to RADAR, drones are the wave of the future. <br />
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But, we will still have our memories, pictures, and movies of the great aircraft from WWII.

Skyraider, were used in Vietnam if not mistaken. Very thoaty plane, with a punch. I love the Lightings. In Flight sims they are a blast, with the way they handle, with their counter rotating engines. Love the sound they make too. I have a sound track of Lefty Gardner's "White Lighting" flying around. Sadly that plane crashed. Red Bull now owns it . . or what is left of it.<BR><BR>Since 9/11, 2001, sadly we don't get too many Airshows out here in AZ anymore. Really sad. Maybe a fuel issue or maybe because of a bunch of people did not like having the shows right over their homes. Sucks.

Tuskegee Airmen flew P-51C models at first.The famous Redtailed Squadron.I have seen one of thier planes.I have also seen the P-38 Lightning of Maj. Richard Ira Bong,America's top ace.I am partial to Lightnings.One of my favorites is the A1-D Skyraider.

P-51D's if not mistaken<BR>Def P-51's I believe they were D models "Mustangs" with the red tails for them.<BR>For a long time very few knew they were black. They escorted the mighty 8th

corsairs or nothing lol

Interesting . . . me too, and there aren’t too many of us out there.<br />
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Favs P-38 Lightning, B-24 Liberator, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell. But seriously, they are all good for me.