So Many To Love

The mention of the Mosquito reminded me of another one I'd love to see flying: Beaufighter.

P-51, P-38, F4U, Ki-61, FW-190... My list is huge and I have no favorites. Those who truly love WW2 warbirds there is nothing like the Reno Air Races. The sound of all those engines at full throttle is just beyond belief.

AmyJack AmyJack
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5 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Just a few weeks ago I took a ride in the Sentemental Journey, a WWII B17, it's based in Mesa Arizona. They also have a B25 Mitchell and a model 18 Beechcraft that also go to air shows.

If in the Phoenix area find Falcon field, they have a very nice museum.

You're right. There are so many to appreciate. I've sen a beaufighter in Hendon museum London but there's not a flying example yet.

I think there is a restored Bristol Beaufighter at Planes of Fame in Chino,California.Im not sure if it's there but I know I saw one.

Hmm I'm in SoCal and have been to POF Chino a half dozen times but never seen a Beau. Will check into it.

i love p51 and my all time far. p40 warhark

i have never heard of an airworthy beaufight but am lucky enought to have seen the p-51, & f4u flying at airdisplays.