Be The Change That You Want To See In This World

I think we need to rally around people that need our help and to show them we all still care about our fellow citizens.
In the past families would help each other, friends would help each other and neighbours would help each other.
As friends we could depend on each other for help through life’s rough patches. I think it’s time to reinstate those values that made humanity great.
We need to teach our kids that we should help others when they need it rather than burying our heads in the sand and wait for others to step in and help.
 I grew up in the 60′s and 70′s when young people took a stand for the things they believed in. They started movements and revolutions around their deeply held beliefs.
These baby boomers are still around today and through their experience they can teach today’s young people how to take stands on those things they believe in.
People need to take the lead and show everyone how to organize around common goals that will make our world a better place.
Take a stand on helping people in need. 

46-50, M
Apr 14, 2011