Nude Erotic Wrestling

I love nude wrestling and have been a big fan of women wrestling in erotic matches for a long time. This got me into searching for a male to wrestle. I'm a male with long dark hair and dark brown eyes lean slim nice muscled body and always wanted to wrestle an even matched slim lean totally smooth long blonde haired male with blue eyes. I love the contrast and rivalry. I finally met my wrestling rival many yeras ago through this wrestling directory called the Am Fem. Both of us were in our mid 30's at the time. I traveled to his apartment where he had mats set up and some light exercise equipment. We both stood exactly the same height both of us the same body size and totally smooth all over. We already knew it was going to be a vicious hairpull fight since we didn't like eachother's cute looks with lour long hair. He hated my sexy brunette look and I was envious of his cute blonde look. We got into the wildest hairpulling rolling around the mats both of us taking turns dragging eachother by the hair around his apartment. I never felt such pain but it got us both very aroused. We had a long hairpull tug of war that lasted for over an hour slapping pulling hair,our even matched bodies pressed against eachother,his smooth armpits in my face and mine in his as we rolled around until we could hardly move,we exhausted ourselves that much. Both of us were supremely fit but I never felt so tired and drained than at that point when we pulled our hair and slapped our bodies for over an hour. He was so spent also,totallt exhausted. Finally after a long sweaty erotic rough fight I pinned him,our sweaty bodies pressed together,I had hardly any strength left,just enough to pin his blonde body with my tan brunette body. That was the first time we fought. I could get more detailed for any woman that wants to hear more about our match,it got very wild and it was a dirty fight.
rikkimoon40 rikkimoon40
46-50, M
Nov 2, 2010