Memories Of Wrestling

I've always had an interest in wrestling, I remember when I first got a TV, I would tape the WWE PPVs that were shown on Channel 4 late night on Sundays. Then when Channel 5 started showing WCW on Fridays I used to watch Goldberg on his streak, then WCW went under and Channel 4 stopped showing WWE, the last PPV I remember was the WCW Invasion. However all was not lost as The Daily Star on Friday has a column about wrestling. While at Uni in Sunderland I was lucky enough to be able to see a few WWE house shows at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Now it may be because I have an uncle who is 6'2" and a cousin who is around 6'6" but The Big Show doesn't actually seem as big as he's portrayed. Now Challenge, a Freeview TV channel shows TNA and I was able to go to a TNA show in Manchester. Not to mention my DVD collection which includes Wrestlemania 1+2, 18+19, 21-28 plus a few from UK promotion 1PW to name a few. I have also played every WWE game for the PS2 + PS3 with a few for the Gamecube, I'm currently playing WWE'12 on the Xbox360
Ragdemon Ragdemon
22-25, M
Sep 16, 2012