I Wrestle

im a mother ******* wrestler! and its not gay to wrestle its probably the most physically demanding sport there is, also its just plain awesome is a good thing to do to just improve yourself overall! try it! it wont hurt!
xBradx xBradx
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Even though I am gay, I agree that wrestling isn't gay, unless those wrestling make it out to be that way. I am taking MMA training, and grappling/wrestling are part of it. I also wrestled in an association after high school, but I never had any formal training until MMA. It is an AWESOME total body work out, and as a fitness trainer, I highly recommend it for fitness and aggression/frustration release.

I can't believe the IOC took wrestling out of the Olympics! It's one of the oldest sports WTF!?!? Wrestling is for real men with real strength and stamina.

there needs to be a real wrestling group on EP for real wrestlers. I might try and start one...