My Poetry

I have had a passion for poetry since i was about twelve or thirteen years old. I was always in my room creating mindful masterpieces. ( In my eyes anyway. lol)  when i was twelve, my stepdad was in the army,  i wrote an inspiring poem for the soldiers about sadam and the military liked it so well, they hung a copy in all the garraks in iraq. ( boy did that give me a big head lol) but i did get several of my pieces copyrighted online throughout my highschool career and even won a few editors choice awards. I guess that i just have a love and a passion for the poetry community. Though i could never be a Dickinson or a Frost, i do consider my self a very well written young poet. I do hope that some of my posted poems you will like, but if not they still mean alot to me, and that; ultimately, is what matters the most to me. 

Snow White Perfection                       July 11, 2006

I see snow white perfection,
Untouched by human hands.
Not a footstep detected,
On Heaven's crystal sands.

A thousand diamonds sparkling,
A million tiny stars.
All of these protected,
By Heaven's golden bars.

Each diamond is a person;
Each star is a dream.
Both, which work together,
To be the winning team.

In Heaven lies humanity,
And this I'm sure you'll see.
It makes snow white perfection,
Within, lies you and me.

lovemykids0809 lovemykids0809
18-21, F
Jul 25, 2010