Lonely Words

COme listen,to this lonely words; Dont turn away;let this grab ahold;
dance with me on each letter written down; lets spin till we fall to the ground;
HOw twisted ones emotion are;Now I'm happy tomarrow a date with misery;
My thoughts of that one love,my thoughts of that person;my thoughts of u;
all tip toe threw my head;and i let this rhyme take me away;lost with nothing to say;
take me by the hand,guide me to where I should be;
just dont walk away and let me be;
it gets cold in this world I am;I search for that warmth,that place where safe I will be;
hold me,for that loud thunder,brings chills,
hold me,when it seems like a lost cause;
love me,listen to this lonely words.......
vicdrago vicdrago
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2010

WOW!!!! Really Nice.......Thank you

Quite lovely lonely words... Thank you for sharing...