Tired Of Words

Talking in circles
saying the same thing again and again
hoping that this time,
youll hear me.
Wishing I was a robot that couldnt feel
Wishing you didn't exist
Wishing you wouldnt say
“I love you”
because you couldnt understand the meaning of the phrase
when you dont even understand me.
Wanting to erase my memory
They do that some places,
dont they?
Wanting them to die.
You to die
or me
Hating the meaning behind our relationship
hating you for needing me
but never being there
and not even realizing that you never were and never will be.
“Write a poem about me” you said
and I never could because I can only write sad poems
and hating you now because I can write a poem about you after all.
Breaking bricks over my head trying to make you hear me
listen, truly listen
and understand.
You never do
It was supposed to sound final but it didnt.
Brianabear Brianabear
22-25, F
May 6, 2012