Love Letters To A Huntress

Careful white sheets
Pitbull silhouettes,
a couple colorful pills.
Their military mentalities
statuesque under the cross,
Leave me alone, concrete faces.
I crawl out from under the thorny brambles
of marriage and childbirth,
a young woman's nightmare and obligation.
I want a Freya or a Morrigu.
I want an Anne Bonny in my bed.
I don't have to have a white picket fence.
I don't need a better half.
If I'm complete and you don't need me,
this is when we can truly love.
I have no regrets for feeling this way,
I will not be huddled over a stove or crib.
I will not be squashed into a pew.
I see you in a sea of bedsheets,
hair everywhere.
I would die out in a meadow with you,
somewhere Athena would go.
I blow away this angry, buzzing world like ashes.
In my daydreams and musings I am free.
PatchworkOwl PatchworkOwl
22-25, F
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Thank you.