Confronting The Men In Battle

Sleeplessness and restless thoughts
of a soul I cannot buy.
No more theatre for kin that could not save me
and did not try.
What I am is of ancient heart,
this fearless battlecry,
my courage is to be myself
in this land that despises my kind.
Stand aside or die, cowards.
Rapists and murderers all of you,
deceivers with filthy hands.
Too weak to earn your place
you must use force to take
what you think is rightfully yours.
You cannot handle life
and you cannot truly love,
treating your wives and children like property,
lusting after little girls,
dotting lines on their bodies like cattle.
When the day is over
and you are sticky with shamelessness,
retreat to your alcohol.
Avoid all responsibility
and blame those you have attacked and used.
I stand ready to slay you
without a second thought.
You will not block my path.
Stand aside or die, cowards.

PatchworkOwl PatchworkOwl
22-25, F
Oct 17, 2012