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The Man With The Dog

This is a very small short story i wrote when I was high as a kite last night. It sort of just came to me as I was out having a cig. We were having our first snow fall and my scenery of my street inspired me. It's not very good but its the first time I've written in months, and I'm proud of myself.

     Laura stood on the street corner smoking a cigarette , the cold air sharp against her cheek. The sound of her roommates laughing came through the window on the second floor. Taking her phone out of her pocket, she checked for a text from her girlfriend. As expected, there was nothing there. Her lover Sarah always fell asleep earlier, because of her busy schedule. Something Laura has had to learn to get used too, her being a night owl didn’t help.
     After taking another drag of her cigarette she turned and looked down the street. A perfect layer of snow lay on the cars parked up and down the street, and on the remaining leaves on the trees.  The already fallen leaves scattered on the brick sidewalk, glazed over with slush and snow.  The lamppost dimmed by snow, now only letting of soft glow. The whole scene looked like it could be a scene from a feel good Christmas film.
     “My first snow fall in Boston since I was four years old. Eighteen years it’s been” she mumbled to herself as she took a drag of her cigarette. The cold was starting to get to her, the tips of fingers have began to lose feeling. Looking at her phone one last time she sighed in disappointment.
     A man walking his golden retriever was walking in her direction, his dog even coating a few snowflakes on its fur. Laurua admired the dog as they walked her way, something she always did. The hundreds of dogs she sees a day and still melts over everyone of them.  When the dog started walking directly towards her, and the owner falling, was when she got nervous. It’s odd for someone who’s passing by to stop and talk to you at night, unless he or she is drunk.
     “Good evening!” He said warmly.
     “Very cold evening” she answered, lighting another cigarette. Laura’s new friends dog walked right up to her, poking her with his noise. “Hello there puppy, what’s your name cutie?”
     The Mystery Man bent down and pat the dogs back, “Her name is Peace” he said with a soft smile. He looked at her again but almost for the first time. This troubled girl, chain smoking in the middle of a snow storm. Her shoulders slumped over, as if she had the worlds problem bringing her down. He imagined that when she smiled she was beautiful. He wanted to this women smile, but her eyes said other wise.  Filled with pain, and dark as the night sky, looking up at her in confusion.
     Completely forgetting he was just starring at the girl, he suddenly came back into reality, and out of her eyes. “Oh! Pardon me, zoned out for a moment. What did you say?’ trying to shake off his embarrassment.
      Putting out her third cigarette, Laura put her hands in her pocket and smiled. “I said that’s a perfect name for her. Fits her very well, she seems at peace.” Now  up and slowly heading towards her dorm building, “Well very nice meeting you….” She realized they never exchanged names, instead of asking she just smiled and turned away to leave.
     “Wait!” The man called out and grabbed her arm gently, not wanting to alarm her. “I just have something to say to you before we say goodbye, please don’t take this the wrong way.”
      She pulling her arm away from the mans grip and looked at his skeptically, “Yeah sure, shoot.”
     “You can be happy. The day will come when your eyes will no longer show pain and loneliness. You are such a beautiful girl, you need to smile and show the world that.” He said genuinely. The smile on his face had seemed to be forced, covering what looked like a frown.
     All Laura could do was look down at the ground and blush, his confession causing her to become shy. Once she got her color back she looked at the man with the dog and gave him a small smile. “I’ll try”  she whispered, then a little to quickly turned back around and sprinted to the stairs.  The odd mans random but true statement stuck with her, engraved in her mind. Through out her night, and for her entire life.
You can be happy…
WheresMySanity WheresMySanity 18-21, F Nov 8, 2012

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