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Silent Bird

The quiet bird
The king of birds
was once a time
The lord of coldest love.

No bird could leave
the flowers land
to make him feel more warm.

But what would hurt the kingdom most
The king had not a voice.
No other birds alout to sing
If muted was the king.

For king of birds
no beauty searched
No love he had to share.

One day too tired quit to play
the imposed hatred game .
Gave up the throne
and threw away
his honorific name.

Deepen in peace he
flew to live by dark
inside a cave .

The kingdom now
is full of love
and birds, love, freely play.

A ranger, far into the woods
heavenly voice heard yesterday
- Sad beautiful sounds, oh mine!
Where do those coming from!

A lonely bird would sing in spring
of how with sadness filled
for being cold and mute
And crude to ones he once ruled.

The ranger dared a glimpse and saw
The feathers of a king.
A heart was broken on the spot
And man no more could sing.

(Now, may I have some questions please?)
 Which one would hurt the most?
The birds without their songs
Or man with broken heart
Who love would never feel ?

laughingsoul laughingsoul 41-45, F 1 Response Feb 6, 2013

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Very nice, thanks for sharing. I will answer the man with a broken
heart, for his wings have been clipped. The birds without their
songs still fly. Good poem, Sean

The one to thank is always me. Thank you! For your kindness, I am very grateful.