Living The Dream Part 4

I waited a few moments then checked my watch. It's was 7:30am. We would've been here earlier but the flight took longer than I thought and we were stuck in traffic. Which means I got less time to sleep. And the problem was, I got no sleep what so ever. My eyes dropped and I yawned then rubbed my eyes. I wish I had an energy drink or something. Then the door opened. From looking at their twitter profile pictures it was Harry Styles.

"HI!!!!" Harry said.

He had a big grin on his face. He was way taller than me so I looked up at him. I slowly waved and he noogied me.

"Don't be shy!!" he laughed.

Once I got him to stop I took a deep breathe.

"I'm just really tired. I couldn't sleep on the plane or in the car so I had no sleep," I moaned.

Then someone quickly pushed Harry out of the way.

"VAS HAPPENIN'?!?" he shouted.

I screamed and fell backwards. I landed on the edge of my suitcase and you could hear a loud thump.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I tried choking back tears.

My eyes watered and I hope they didn't notice. Then a guy with blonde hair walked out. He wasn't that tall compared to the other two.

"Oh, don't mind Zayn, he does that all the time. I'm Niall by the way," he smiled.

"I'm-I'm Hanna," I stuttered.

"She's shy," Harry whispered into Niall's ear.

"I heard that!" I laughed.

Harry took me inside and Zayn and Niall followed behind. Harry took me into the bedroom. Yeah there was one bedroom. There were 2 bunk beds in the room and there was a door leading into a room with 1 bunk bed. In the first room on the first bunk on the bottom was a guy sleeping. Then Harry lightly elbowed me.

"If you want Louis to wake up, you gotta punch him in the gut," Harry said.

Niall and Zayn brought in the last of my bags and clearly they wanted me to punch Louis too. I balled up my fist and they nodded. Then WHAM! I hit him straight in the gut and Harry picked me up and ran out of the room. Niall and Zayn also ran, clearly not wanting to face Louis' wrath either. Harry pushed me behind the couch and told me to zip it. They all sat on the couch as Louis ran in. Louis' hair was messy and he wasn't wearing a shirt. All he was wearing was flannel pants.

"Hey! Who did that?!" he yelled.

"I didn't do it," they all said.

"Well then, I'm supposed to believe Liam did it?!" he asked.

"Yup," Niall smiled.

"Well he's sleeping and wait a minute, are you hiding something from me?" Louis asked suspiciously.

"Well I found a new friend! Can we keep it?!" Harry asked.

It?! So like what I'm an it now?! WHAT IS THIS?!

"Wait are you saying you found an animal on the street and you let it loose in here?!" Louis asked now worried.

Harry shook his head. At that moment I just couldn't take it anymore. I laid on the floor behind the couch and started sleeping. Harry looked behind the couch.

"I think it's dead," he said.

"Well let me see," Louis said.

Zayn tried to keep Louis away as Harry prodded me until I woke up again.

"False alarm!" Niall called.

I guess Louis managed to get Zayn out of the way but Harry was fast. He picked me up again and he ran out the door.

"EVASIVE ACTION!!" he yelled.

He ran down the hallway and I was so confused. Louis chased after him screaming but Harry kept on running.

"Go go go go!" I laughed.

It was too late. Louis got to Harry and he grabbed him. Then I felt his hands touch my side.

"What the-" I cut him off.

"Why hello there," I raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"HANNA IS A KID?!?" Louis asked.

"I am not a kid!!! I'm just uhhh in my youth that's all!" I corrected him.

"She's so cute!!!" Louis yelled.

He hugged me and shook me back and forth. Now this was awkward. He kept on saying how cute I was then Liam walked into the hallway. Now he was buff and really tall. His hair wasn't as knotted but it still was messed up.

"What's going on out here?" he said groggily.

"Hanna's here!!" Louis announced still shaking me vigorously.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that," he rubbed his eyes.

Watching Liam be tired made me really tired. I pretty much went limp in Louis' arms. Harry told Louis that I absolutely had no sleep.

"Come here," Louis said.

He lifted me up and cradled me in his arms leaving my head and feet dangling. He walked back into the apartment and I guess my bed was above Louis'. He set me down and I fell asleep. Sleep, finally.
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email me...k?

hanna bannanna romana who is insana?


ha ha!hey kate and i are on right now...wanna email?

Like cha

ha ha!what now kate!then i would scream in your ear!

You'd be in the middle of next week with Kate if you did that.

i would totally wake you up!!!!! just to bother you!!!

My body may be limp and tired but if I got the energy I'd use my limp arm to slap you into next week. Then I'd sleep again >:D


soo cute!i can imagine kate just poping in and waking you up, then you killing her cause u sleepy!ha!