Living The Dream Part 5

Sleep felt so good. I had good dreams about what might happen in the future and what not. But I woke up hearing a bunch of laughing. I lifted my head and yawned. They were all on their phones or iPods.

"What are you doing?" I asked quietly.

They looked up at me.

"Um nothing. Just tweeting," Harry said.

Louis looked at him and elbowed him. I grabbed my iPod and signed into twitter. My timeline was full of them making comments about how cute this picture was. It was me sleeping.

"Whhhhhhyyyyyyy guys? Whhhhhhyyyyyyy?" I moaned.

My head dropped back on my pillow. I looked at the clock, it was 5:30pm. I slept for like 9 hours. I felt a lot better then earlier in the day. I climbed down the ladder and I walked next to Liam. I looked up at him and he smiled and looked down at me. I waved at him.

"Sleep nice?" he asked.

"Yeeaah?" I shrugged my shoulders.

He laughed.

"Soooooo what do we do now?" I asked.

"WE PLAY!!!" Harry yelled.

What is this?! Kindergarten? Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me to his area of the room. He flung open the closet and threw clothes everywhere. Then he pulled out a winter hat with a little tiger on it.

"Hey that is my hat!" Niall said.

Harry ignored him and he put it on my head. Then he took out a white scarf and wrapped it around my neck. Then he took a gray drench coat like blazer thing. It was wool I think. Then he put it on me and buttoned up two buttons near the bottom.

"Look at this!!!! She looks so cute!!!" Harry squealed.

He is like a girl playing with a doll. The thing was, I was the doll. Louis was like in a trance and he was taking pictures on his blackberry. Zayn walked over to me and elbowed me.

"You have a hairbrush?" he whispered.

I nodded and I walked over to one of my bags and pulled out my Aveda paddle brush and handed it to him. He sat on Louis' bed and made me sit below him. He took part of my hair and started brushing it upwards.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Ok now I was seriously confused. He kept brushing my light brown hair. When he got to the side near my left ear and I gasped in pain. He brushed over the wooden piece that kept my feather extension in. He looked at me confused then started moving hair out of the way to see what he brushed over.

"You have a green feather in your hair?" Zayn asked.

"Yes, I do as you can see," I pointed out.

He chuckled under his breath and kept brushing my hair until it was smooth.

"Yessssssssssssssss perfectttttt," he said.

I didn't know how to respond. I was kinda creeped out. I walked out of the room and I sat on the couch.

"Do you want to unpack?" Niall asked.

"Yeah. I feel like a doll," I complained.

Niall laughed.

"They're gonna do that a lot," Niall warned.

I rolled my eyes and laughed as I walked back into the room where the others were. I had my small dresser type thing and we shared a closet. I unzipped one of my suitcases and I started piling up clothes on the floor. I took a few hangers and started hanging up things like plaid shirts that almost look country, dresses, and fancy shirts. Harry dove into my bag and pulled out my brown plaid blazer.

"YOU HAVE A BLAZER TOO!!" he announced.

"So that's what they're called," I mumbled.

I took it from him and hung it up. All the things in the first small suitcase were things that needed to be hung up. I managed to stuff the rest of my clothes neatly in my little dresser. I put my blankets on my bed.

"What about these cases?" Liam asked.

"Oh they're just nothing," I said.

Liam knew something was up. He pulled me out of the room.

"You're hiding something," he whispered.

"Yeah so?" I replied.

"What's in the cases?"

"I was getting to that!"

He rolled his eyes and I grabbed the cases and he led me into a room with a guitar and microphones. So I guess this was a music room. There was beanbags too. I set my cases down in a big space near the back of the room. I unclipped the first case. I struggled to pull out a big drum piece. I set it in the middle. Then I put the tomtom thing behind it. I put the chair near the tomtom and base drum. In the next case I pulled out the foot cymbal with the foot pedal.

I managed to get the drums set up.

"You play drums?" Liam asked.

"Shh! I want them to find out," I said.

"What are you thinking?" Liam smiled.

"This," I said.

I took the drum sticks and pounded hard on the drums and cymbals. I heard screaming from the other room. Louis ran in.

"What was that?!" he asked.

"Me. Cool right?" I laughed.

He had a look of pure shock. I scared him pretty bad.
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haha!i love that!kate and i would b gutars...u would b drums...rachel would sing and play the key board!sweet!a band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh...i dont want to!!!!!

Mr. Maguire in an air balloon with a guitar "lalalalalalalala! Hanna go slower or I will fail you on your next test"