Living The Dream Part 7

Louis strut into the kitchen and looked at the fridge.

"Oh gosh tomorrow is judge's house not bootcamp!!! Hanna can you learn a song quickly?!" he yelled shaking me.

"Yes I can!!!" I yelled back.

He sighed in relief then Liam walked in.

"Hanna you aren't 12 are you?" he asked.

"No I'm not. I'm 11. I feel so short and so young around you guys. I'm only 4'8"!!" I said.

"Well I'm actually I turned 17 two months ago," Liam said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah and Louis is 18, Zayn is 17, Niall is just turned 17. And Harry is 16," Liam explained.

"So you're a little 6th grader?" Louis cooed.

"Yes, I feel so little and y'all are like really tall," I sighed.

"If you were tall I couldn't do this!" Liam picked me up.

I laughed. Then he put me down.

"Ok so what do I make for dinner??" Louis asked.

"Well what are you used to making?" I asked.

"Cereal and toast," Louis replied.

"Really?! That's all! I cook all the time. Why don't I cook tonight and show you what to do," I explained.

"Fine then," he mumbled.

"Can we have spaghetti?" Harry asked.

"I can do that let's get started," I said.

I pulled out two metal pots, one big and one small, a colander, and two mixing bowls. I boiled water and put in the bow tie speghetti because bow ties are cool. I dumbed sauce into the smaller pot then I took some ground meat, an egg, and bread crumbs and made meatballs. I made those next to the spaghetti. I stirred the spaghetti and meatballs. When the spaghetti was ready I put the colander in the sink and poured the bow ties in. Smoke blew up in my face and my face burned. I managed to finish making everything and giving it to the boys.

"Now that's how it's done," I laughed.

"This is amazing and I need to learn how to cook from you," Louis said.

Niall was like lost in his dinner. He seemed to enjoy it the most. When I cleaned up the dishes when we finished it was 7pm. Time to get in my PJs then practice. I got in my white tie dye leggings, my faded abstract tie dye shirt I made with the leggings, and knit slipper boot things my friend got me.

"Let's get to it!" I clapped.

"Yeah!" Zayn agreed.

I clicked on the instrumentals for torn. I sang my background thing with Niall and Louis like I was supposed to. Harry and Liam took the spotlight with solos. They were good. And to them I probably sucked.
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aww!that was cute and cool!wait, your 11? tell ya the truth, imma 6th drader!...kate HAS told ya that...right?!?

She has told me. But for the story to go how I wanted it to I had to push me back a year to stay accurate so in part one instead of Mr. Farrell it's Mr. maguire and we aren't learning map basics we are learning about early people's from BC times