Living The Dream Part 10

I've never been up this early EVER. I should be used to it considering my trip here but come on! I'm only 11! I was squeezed in the middle so I couldn't do what Zayn was doing. No matter how awkward it was I wrapped my arm around Niall's stomach and I rested my head on his arm and my eyes began to close. Niall smiled. His teeth weren't lined up at all really. Lucky, I would love to have those teeth. Then I just feel asleep.

Niall's POV

Watching her snuggled up against me was one of the cutest things that has ever happened to me. At the same time that made me tired. I rested my head on the ledge near the window and I nodded off as well.

Harry's POV

I wish I could sleep in today. Today is really important and I need rest, I settled my head onto Hanna's shoulder and the sound of cars going by lulled me to sleep.

Liam's POV

"Hey Louis guess what!" I said.

"What is it Liam?" Louis asked.

"Everyone behind us is sleeping. Zayn is sprawled out in the middle. Niall is sleeping with his head on the ledge, Hanna is cuddled up with Niall, and Harry is resting on Hanna," I explained.

"Take a pic I'm driving and I have to look at the road," Louis said.

I took out my blackberry and took a picture of all of them sleeping. Then I showed the picture to Louis.

"That's adorable. Anyway we are way ahead of schedule and should be there soon," Louis promised.
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love it!!!! i can just imagine all of you sleeping!!!!!!