Living The Dream Part 11

Louis' POV

I was just driving right. Ok then this guy cuts me off and almost hit us. Like no. Just no.

"WTF YOU SON OF A-" Liam cut me off.

"Shhhhhhh!!!!!" Liam said.

I forgot. Everyone in the back were sleeping and I couldn't wake them up. I sighed. Then since we were at a stop light and looked behind me and I saw Zayn sprawled out and behind him they were all cuddled up against each other. Then I saw the time. 6am and we were already like five minutes before we would get to our judges house. Then Zayn started to wake up.

"Where are we??" Zayn asked.

"We are like here already. Try to be quiet for the rest of the ride. The "little ones" are sleeping in the back," I said.

That was our term for Harry, Niall, and Hanna. They were the three youngest so they are the little ones of the group. Then I pulled up the driveway and it was nice and sunny out. The house was huge. I stopped the car.

"We're here!" I smiled getting out of the car.

"Thank gosh!" Liam said.

Liam and I jumped out of the car. Zayn woke up Harry and Niall. We left Hanna to sleep and Zayn picked her up.

"I got her," Zayn said.

Then as he was getting out, Hanna's head slammed into the top of the car. It looked like it hurt. That's when I heard the slight sound of her crying a little. Zayn kissed her forehead and she stopped a little but now she was just moaning. She's gonna have a bruise on her head.
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ha! Your poor head!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!<br />
now its time to go to a Halloween party!!!!!!!!!!