Living The Dream Part 12

Back to Hanna's POV

Ow my head. That's gonna hurt for a little while. I opened my eyes and all I saw was Zayn's chest. Ok the question is HOW THE HECK DID I GET HERE?! I looked up at Zayn and he set me on my feet. I dusted myself off and I looked at the house. It was huge.

"Bet I can beat you to the backyard!" I shouted.

I began running and they chased after me. Of course I was gonna win. Harry pounced on me and we both tumbled over. I began cracking up laughing. Then I saw all the other people who made it to the judges house and I got up and got the grass off of me.

"Yeah, about that, let's forget that happened," I said.

Then the rest of the boys followed. That's when our mentor walked out the door. It was Simon Cowell.

"Yo! Vas happenin' Simon?!" I high fived Simon.

"It's all good Hannie," he replied.

My face went totally red. That was like my embarrassing baby nickname.

"Aw! Your nickname is Hannie!!! That's precious!" Liam said laughing.

Louis walked over and put me in a head lock and started noogieing me.

"Aw Hannie-Bell!!!!" he cooed.

My reputation is ruined completely. Just swell.
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2 Responses Oct 29, 2011

i already call you that sometimes but every time i do you punch me so.......yeah.....

ha!dont worry, kate and i wont call you that