Living The Dream Part 13

Everyone was busy freaking out about Simon Cowell and I already knew him so it wasn't like that for me. He introduced himself and the competition to impress him began. We walked to an open spot in the field and we sat down. I played our song and we started practicing it.

Time passed and finally at 12pm it was our turn. The boys and I walked up to the patio where Simon was waiting.

"Hey," we all said.

"Hi," Simon replied.

The music started playing and we started singing. Then we all sang at the chorus. Then I sang my small solo.

"I'm all out of faith! And this is something real! I'm cold and I am chained, lying broken on the floor!" I sang.

Then we finished out the song and Simon thanked us and we walked away. I was practically in tears.

"I feel like I ruined the whole thing! You guys sing way better than me!" I cried.

"You were amazing! What are you talking about?!" Harry smiled.

He hugged me an we rolled on the ground and laughed. There were still a lot of people left to audition then Simon has to decide the 8 people/group to stay. Only 32 people will remain. This is just one of the mentors and if we make it past this we will go to the live shows. We had a lot of time left.

It came to the point when we were just wrestling each other to the ground and laughing. I bet they were taking it easy on me.

"Liam don't take it easy on me," I said.

He nodded then I ran for him and he pushed me and I stumbled and fell backwards. I began laughing as Harry landed next to me followed by Niall and Louis and then Zayn. Liam wins lol.

"Ok it's time to announce the people who are staying," Simon called.

We got up and ran over.

"Everyone did an excellent job. If I could you would all make it, but I can't," Simon said.

He called off names of who stayed. Then at the fifth name he said.

"One Direction,"

The boys all hugged me and some of us were crying with happiness at the fact that we made it to the live shows.
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that would be really exciting if that really did happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!you madde ittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont you feel specal now?