Living The Dream Part 17

With that said I did spend the day with the boys. They owed me some candy for making me miss Halloween but I ended up sharing with them anyway. It was about 8pm when I realized that with the time difference I could skype my class and talk to them. I quickly jumped onto the computer and saw my teacher was online. I emailed her and said bring the classes together so we can talk during your tutorial and she agreed. Five minutes later the Skype went off and I answered.

"Hey guys! I missed you all so much!" I said.

"We missed you too!" everyone replied.

Then I the class erupted into laughter and I turned around to see the boys doing utterly stupid things in the small room we have. I turned around and pegged and foam ball at them and Louis walked over.

"This is one of my bandmates. His name is Louis," I said.

"Well I see you are Hanna's classmates and it's an honor to meet you all. Hanna really misses you guys," he explained.

"Yeah that's trueeeeeee. Now go away," I shooed him off.

I continued chatting with my class and answered questions and before you know it Liam told me to go to bed and plus school there was ending. I waved goodbye and my class disappeared with one click of my mouse. Then I saw Louis' phone and I seized the moment and took it. I decided to snoop and read all of his text messages. And then I saw a number that looked familiar. It was my Dad's.
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SWEWET! demented verson of sweet. can that even be pronounced? anyway, what website?

Ok I have an announcement to make. I am ending this story cuz of how unaccurate it really was. Plus, I am writing a better version of this on a different website. The good news? I AM STARTING A NEW STORY!!!


OH MY GROD!!!!!!!!!