Next Time

She walked in with a simple cotton dress on.

Barefoot she stood at the dresser and looked in the mirror, waiting...

Her hands grasped the edge of the dresser with a tight grip.

She watched as he approached, setting his hands on her hips.

A short hug and nudge at her neck as she tilted her head back...

His right hand traveled down to her naked knee, lifting the dress.

His left hand took hold of her breast and pressed, she moaned.

She stuck out her rear as her white cotton thong was revealed.

His finger in her mouth now, as he caressed her soft curves.

The dresser creaked as she pushed against it, he moved faster.

Swaying together their eyes met in the mirror, the tension apparent.

Her head dropped to the dresser as she gave into him, calling out.

His arm around her waist holding her up, his other hand pulling her hip near.

He took her, taught her, showed her the way he loved, looking in the mirror.

soulrunher soulrunher
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

This could only be my dream.... ****sigh****

No, it can be your reality...good luck.

Oh my. Love this one... both the writing and the images it conjures.


wow, very nice !