Happy, Happier And Even Happier

When I met you I thought I couldn't be happier. Finally seeing you in front of me. Being able to touch and kiss. Looking into your eyes. I smiled the biggest smile because of you.

Never did I think I could be even happier. Not until I felt the comfort and ease of our love together. You were already a part of me just rejoining me, it seemed.Feeling the excitement of having what I needed most, the rest of my soul found in you.

Everyday I am happy because I have you, but more importantly I'm happier because I feel content. Satisfied with all you give me. As I say this I know I can be even happier and I hope one day I will be, with you. Replacing the feeling of what was missing with you, making me even happier.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Wow! That is so beautiful it could make a bronze statue cry. Whoever you wrote that for is one lucky soul.