Last Night

Last night I lay next to you perfectly impressed into your body. My chin at your shoulder, cheek to the curve of your neck. My breasts against your back,my hips hugging your bottom snug and fitted. Our legs tailored for one another. My arm sat right underneath yours while our fingers threaded perfectly together. My soul satisfyingly wrapped in yours.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
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.......... lovely...... very well written my dear. :o)

What a wonderful feeling to be with the one you love! :)


It's a wonderful feeling, thank you for reminding me I'm extremely lucky, I still get to do it :)

Thanks for reading!

It's good reading, I can't help myself :) simple but so deep

Oh thanks! :)

Sigh. That moment is truly a slice of heaven. Thanks for writing this lovely piece!

Thanks for reading. :)

I love how two bodies can fit perfectly together that way, almost as if they were made to be together.

Yes, I miss it.

I'm sorry

Thanks, hugs...