My Dream: Male Desparation!

I love wetting myself, but more than this I love boys holding and wetting themselfes!
In public, at home, alone, with others

I have so many dreams about such situations,
and I want to write down them in the next weeks:

1. A young man on the way to holiday with his friends, they stuck in traffic.

2. A student is wrtiting a very important exame and had no time to make a brake.

3. An office-worker is sitting in a important manager-meeting and had drink to much coffee.

4. A nice beautiful man want to shock/test some persons and plays an accident on several places.

Do you habe more ideas about nice Storys?
Sarami Sarami
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Those are all good ideas. I love the school and traffic ones though. ;)

If you want to perhaps play out one of these scenarios some time, send me a message =)<br />
<br />
Sometimes a little desperation play is exciting, and sometimes you do just have to hold it!

How am I getting turned on thinking about your dreams? LOL........anyways, I do like you're ideas; i'll have to check out the story metootoo referred to