My Pee-dream: "to Much Coffee..."

After a long break (no time :-( ) now my first male-wetting-fiction... not real, but a nice dream!



"To much coffee..."


Last night Ben was sitting at his Computer till the early morning, so he was very tired when he woke up. Before he left his rooms he made a big strong coffee, put on his light grey bussines suit (they had an important big meeting this day) and went to work.

Ben was only 20 years old an this was his first real job after his training-time.


But he was still tired and made himself a can of strong black coffee. When he worked on his computer he don´t really noticed, that he had to pee now... he was very busy and drank out his coffee while he was writing. Two houre later, when he rised up to have a break he feel his urge to pee.

When he would go to the toilett his boss Mr.Baker, the manager of his company, screamd very loud and angry:

"Mr. Smith... where are you. Where are you?  Do you forgot THIS important meeting?"

****... he had forgot it!  The last meeting about their new big campaigne.

But he had to go to the toilett, too...

"I´m coming in a few minutes...", I answered.

"NO, you are coming yet... immediately!!! We are waiting only for you...", he screamd.


He sighed and went to the meeting... sitting down on his place on the long, big table. He suspected: that would become a long meeting. 

At the beginning he can ignore the growing urge to pee and listened to the facts of their new campaigned. But another hour later he started to be very despaerate... he had to pee soooo bad, NOW!

Under des table, he putting his hands into his pockets and press his **** very strong. For a short time this helbed, but the desperation came back, stronger then ever.

"Why must he drink so much coffee?", he thought.

What should he do: ask for a break? The boss is very angry today...

So he crossed his legs under the desk and going on to press his ****. He can´t listen to all the numbers anymore. What should he do?


Suddenly a big wave of desperation came and a little spurt of pee going into his white briefes. He fast holding his crotch and groaned shocked into the silent room.

Mr.Baker is looking towards him and asked angry: "What´s now wrong Mr.Smith? Why are you distubing?"

Ben answered shy: "Ähm... nothing.... but: Can we have a break?" His bladder was almost bursting.

"Why? We have started only one hour ago... We have no time to make senseless breaks! Later, afer this presentation!!!," he yelled.

Ben fall into panic, he felt another spurt into his pants.He knwo he can´t hold it until the end... 

Under the table he put both hands into his crotch and collected all its courage:  "Please mister, I have to... go to the toilett... very, yery fast!"

Mr.Baker don´t had a good day and screamed loud: "NO!!! You are arising, you can wait till the end!"

Then he turned back to his presentation.

Ben whipped on his chaire whined desperately: "Please... it is urgent... I can´t hold it anymore!"

Mr.Baker turned back to him and lokked at the panicfull desperately whipping young man and now smiled amused:

"People, we have to make break, that the little boy make a little wee!"


Bens head turning darkred, he was so ashamed...

Fast he jumps up and start to walk to the door, all his colleagues lokked at him. He tried to walk as normal as possible.

But from standing up suddenly the urge to pee grows enormous. He had to stop and cross his legs. He now feld a big spurt of pee going into his already damp briefes. Panicfull he put both hand beetween his crossing legs . With crossed legs he try to hop to the door.

His boss called amused: "I thought you would go an pee on the toilett. Run fast - do not pee in your pants, little boy!"

He felt the pee dripping constantly into his pants.

He must stop another time and start to breathe fast and whipped forward, to try and the stop the pee... but he hand no chance!

His bladder now exploded and he fully wet his pants - infront of all people who staring at the showing wet flowing down his still crossed legs. You could even hear the hiss of the pee going into his grey suit-pants in the silent of the room.

Ben was like paralyzed and can´t move... still standing there, holding his crotch and peeing pants. The pee dripping on the wood flooring and growing to a big lake very fast.

Now Mr.Bake was speachless, too. He don´t think, hat this will really happend. He coughed uncertainly: "Oh... ääähm... that..."

There Ben "waked up" and run out of room and out of the building...


What he don´t saw: 

The sexual view of his only little older colleague Timothy!

But that would be another history... ;-)





Please forgive my strange fantasi, but I must write them down!!!

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

like this:)

Great job! You don't know how much I can relate to the situation!

While it may be a fantasy, it's a possible real-life scenario. Do you have other ideas in mind?