okay so I don't usually ask people for help but the last 15 songs I've written have been sad and depressing and i want to write a happy or love song. So lovely people of EP if you have any of awesome ideas or lines or stuff like that please help us out

thank you :)
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write one about me (; love you bby xxx <3

I tried to write 10 of them and they all ended up sad angry depressing and very worrying songs

I will actually what do you want it to be about

You can go for happy song and get inspiration from artist like pharrel Williams. I think his song entitle happy is a very good example. If you wanna go writing bout exciting songs . Think about things that make you gleeful. Like travelling, hang out with friends or even playing in the playground or do crazy stupid stuff. Love song is a wide genre. Mostly people go for relationship bf/gf stuff. How one cheats another while how you feel sad or just lost in the flow of love. How love came into your life like oceans of confusion. Do put imaginations into your song like metaphors and personification. If you ever heard of Red by Taylor swift, that is a love based emotion songs. Yeah. So hope you get some idea.

i find it difficult to put a full song together and make it sound good especially if im not In that mood.. but thanks for the advice though I've changed my idea now and im gonna surprise one of my friends with a love song cause no one has ever written one for her so this could be fun

All the best

I have the same problem!!! I have a notebook page of a bunch of one-liners that need work. I have some sad and some (but not enough) happy at the moment

I've been writing very depressing and to be honest worrying raps lately and im trying to just but something awesome together but im having the same problem

What are some things in life right now that make you happy? simple things