Riding On The Beach

The horses powerful legs dug into the soft sand as they galloped over the dunes. They came flying over the mountains of sand and urged their mighty steeds forward onto the surf hardened sand and continued to coax their fine mounts faster into a dead run. Neither horse gave an inch as their riders leaned foreword on their backs urging them on. They came to a sliding halt when they hit the surf, the man gave the woman an appreciative glance as they turned the horses away from the ocean and walked them down the beach. As the horses walked down the beach the man and the woman made small talk while watching each other’s bodies moving comfortably with the rhythm of their horses. The man watched the woman’s every movement like a cat would do if he was a watching a mouse. He was taking in the sleekness of her body, her shining hair and the confident air she possessed while riding her horse. She felt his penetrating gaze and made observations of her own. She felt in from the first moment they me that there was something draw them together. He seemed powerful and aloof, always watching her as if he was trying to find out answers to questions he hadn’t asked, disguising his true intent and fencing with her with looks instead of a sword. She suspected he was trying to feel her out without letting her know what he wanted to know for reasons known only to himself. She liked verbal sparring as long as it wasn’t maliciously intended and she was intrigued by his interest. Would she ever know what he was thinking she wondered.

Something I started and haven't finshed, any opinions?
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I recopied my story and messed up 2 words in the same sentence, I guess I should have copied and pasted it instead of retyping it. I thought spell check was on, apparently not! I can't take it back now. :) SB: She felt in from the first moment they met that there was something drawing them together.