Time Passes......

And the story continues at a later date.........
As she lay there is his arms she finally felt at peace. The fear and the pain started fading away and a ghost of hope started growing in the distance. It was faint but nevertheless it was still there. This vision had eluded her for so long she hadn’t been sure she would be able to recognize it if it came.
He held her close to his chest and felt her tenseness slowly disappear. He had felt her fear and hoped that the quietness was a sign that she was winning her battle and was not giving up.
The rain started beating down on the roof of the cabin creating a peaceful rhythmic sound.
They awoke in each other’s arms, neither had moved during the night, sleeping calmly with the sound of the continuous storm outside, but there was calm within.
Then they made love with a passion and electricity was all enveloping, overtaking every part of their bodies. Wrapping them in warm and exciting feelings - nothing else existed but their togetherness. They laid and caressed each other’s bodies for hours, listening to the soft and sexy sounds of acoustic guitars and having their bodies feel like part of the music.
This was everything they had missed and fantasized about in the months they had stayed apart and had tried to get each other out of their lives. The ups and downs of their affair over the years had built to a crescendo neither was able to handle so they had decided to be just friends and not romantically involved.
They made it for five months but they both thought about each other constantly and wanted to give in. It was hard to be around each other and to feel the lust and passion and not give in to it. They both knew it was there but thought it would go away in time.
One afternoon they were visiting at his place and he asked her to just lay there in his arms and she did because she was hoping he would ask. I felt so good and so right - how could it be wrong? The feelings seemed even stronger than ever but she was determined to keep only the magic part of their relationship and not let reality ruin that special quality. She knew they could never live together so why not make the time they spent together special and have it be an escape from reality.
She knew that no matter what they had together it would eventually have to end because it wasn’t reality and fantasies all end - she just wanted it to last as long as possible and end in the most pleasant way possible.
She loved him and he loved her and that might last a lifetime but it’s not enough to make an everyday relationship work, is it?
They did try because the physical attraction they had for each other was something that neither one of them could deny its reality and both of them wished to make it a reality, that wasn’t something that was said just something that they both could feel. How could such a strong physical attraction not be real or possible? They did pursue the feelings.
They could walk in the room and immediately the electricity in the air said “I need to be in your arms right now!” They couldn’t get away from it. It had nothing to do with whether or not she was wearing something incredibly sexy or jeans and a tee shirt, it was an aura, something unspoken but felt throughout both of their bodies, like an electric shock. It transcended love, it was raw physical attraction and it was unfettered by reality.
When I was 19 years old he was the fourth person in my life I had ever had sex with. He is the one that all others have been and will be always be compared to, not by my choice just because it is what it is and was what it was and will always be for all time. He absolutely had, and has never had any equal in the field of being fantastic at performing sex for my entire life. The down side of his fantastic ability to make love, and that is what he made you feel that you were doing, is that I could tell he was so good at the art of sex that it was more like a scene from “American Gigolo” than it felt like really making love. But it didn’t matter, he was so good at making me feel like the only one I didn’t care what had come before, he was 29 years old to my 19 years but we were both in our prime years and his ten years if maturity while being a “hot body’ kind of guy made his allure all the more seductive. I knew he loved me but he was so technically good at making love that it made me realize he could do this with anyone. I am not saying he didn’t love me but when I met him, before we became lovers, he told me his goal was to have a hundred lovers and he told me he was at forty when he met me. We lived together for a couple of years after I turned 21 but when he left the city we lived in together to go to work for the railroad, I was supposed to go and join him in a year, I realized that our sexual attraction would not be enough to sustain a lifetime and when I was supposed to move where he was living we both parted amiably realizing this was not the same future we each had envisioned. Because of our amiable parting or the ways, and they fact that he was sexy and so was I, as well as our never ending sexual attraction, he remained what my boyfriend after him referred to as my “rock star boyfriend” and because he died before we had a chance to reunite he will live that way for eternity!
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Thank you, I need to finish the story as it did go on for several years and does have a real life finish though we are still friends, just not romantically involved anymore!